Diana, Princess of Wales July 1st 1961 - August 31st 1997.

Diana was one of the most caring woman in this world. She was anything a man could wish for, anything a child could wish for, anything a country could wish for. She had a big heart full of love to spread around this world. Diana was a woman who died young, but she left her mark and her legacy still lives on 16 years later. She took a stand to make a change, she refused to sit back and she helped move this world one step at a time. To see a woman fight bulimia, self harm and attempting suicide shows how strong she was. Diana suffered through a marriage full of pain and lies for 15 years, but through this marriage many positive things came along. William and Harry, and having Diana here. She may have never had the chance to be Queen, but she was the Queen of our hearts. Diana wasn’t a blood born Princess but she earned the tittle. She took all the cameras and fame and she helped change this world. Only the good die young. Rest in Peace to a strong amazing woman and mother, who gave love to anyone she came across. Just another beautiful Angel 

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