The Countess Of Wessex Visits Gloucestershire

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You’re upset and it’s perfectly normal but, you’ll meet people, and they’ll tear a piece of your heart out and each person breaks your heart slowly and slowly until theres nothing left to be broken. Then by god only knows how an amazing person walks in and they pick up each piece day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year until they have fully put it back together. Then none of those people ever mattered who tore it apart, all that matters was the one who put it back together. Because each heart break leads you to the one who fixes each and every broken piece and puts it back together like a perfect puzzle. —Nella (via langethompson)

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Sophie Countess of Wessex and Rodney Green arrival at the Everyday Heroes Awards
March 25, 2014.

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Don’t worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am King. —Prince William comforted his mother when she lost the title Her Royal Highness. (via theroyalsandi)

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Anonymous: "can you explain the royal fandom to me cause honestly i dont get it and idk if that makes sense to you but i jsut dont understand it, i mean they're a monarchy?"


The royal fandom is like any other fandom. I mean you look at them as a monarchy,  but if you actually look into it you’ll see how amazing these people truly are. Princess Diana, was a person who felt so unloved in her life but was still able to share her love with the rest of the world, Catherine DoC is a woman who is being put down everyday by tabloids and the public but still keeps her head held high, walks into a room and shines bring, Sophie of Wessex, a woman who almost died when pregnant because of an ectopic pregnancy, but death didn’t matter when it came to starting a family and having children, she was brave enough to try again,

It’s a fandom that LOVES a ginger prince, and when he grew his beard the ladies couldn’t get enough of him


it’s a fandom where THE EXACT SAME PHOTO was reblogged 1 million times with different photoshop JUST because Kate had a tiara on


It’s a fandom that is 110% sure that this little girl will rule the world with her sass 


It’s a fandom of over 10 monarchies coming together as one HUGE family! We argue, and bicker ALL the time, and sometimes we get out of complete control, but this fandom is the best fandom I could have asked for! I made so many friends here and I regret nothing!

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Happy 49th Birthday to Sophie, the Countess of Wessex.

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Diana, Princess of Wales + Hats

Diana, Princess of Wales and Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta meeting.

A Christmas Greeting from Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and their daughter, Princess Estelle, filmed at their home Haga Palace 

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